Puppy Starter Dog Chew/ Dog Treats
PuppyStarterPack Dog Chew
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Puppy Starter Pack

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Unsure of exactly which treats for your new baby furkid?

Check out our Puppy Starter Pack that will spoil your furkid with tasty pack of different protein varities of air dried treats that are chewy, crunchy, full of natural flavour, and guaranteed to have every dog begging for more. 


  • High in protein
  • Aromatic, packed with nutrients and rich in goodness.
  • Perfect size for all sizes dogs
  • All natural without preservatives, additive, sweetener

Puppy Starter Pack consist of:

1x Cow Hoove (S)
1x Rabbit Ear with Hair
1x Venison Ear with Hair
1 x Braided Lamb Bully Stick (L)
2x Kangaroo Shoulder Wing (Mini) or 1 x Kangaroo Shoulder Wing (Standard) (Depends on stock availability)
1x Puffed Porky Snout
1x Braided Lamb Skin Stick
2x Chicken Feet

More than 30% savings on a nutritious pack of goodies.

Source: Product of United Kingdom and Australia

*Pictures for illustration only, subjected to changes depending on availability of chews

100% Cow Toe Nail/ Rabbit Ear/ Venison Ear/ Lamb Penis/ Roo Shoulder Wing/ Pig Snout/ Lamb Skin/ Chicken Feet
Single ingredient product with no preservatives, additives, chemicals, added sugars or fillers. 

Typical Analysis: 
Cow Hoove: Crude protein 72%, natural oil and fat 1%
Rabbit Ear: Crude protein 46.8%, natural oil and fat 21.5%, moisture 7%, ash 0.6%
Venison Ear: Crude protein 58%, natural oil and fat 32%, moisture 8%, ash 2%
Braided Lamb Bully Stick: Crude protein 76.91%, natural oil and fat 11.07%, moisture 7.31%, ash 4.71%
Kangaroo Shoulder Wing: Crude protein 41%, natural oil and fat 8%
Pig Snout: Crude protein 69%, natural oil and fat 1.5%, moisture 7.2%, ash 2%
Braided Lamb Skin Stick: Crude protein 85.5%, natural oil and fat 5.3%, moisture 6.8%, ash 2.1%
Chicken Feet: Crude protein 67.1%, natural oil and fat 13.5%, moisture 4%, ash 4.5%

Never leave a dog or pet unattended with any treat or toy. We recommend supervising your dogs as they enjoy chowing down on their new favourite treat at all time as an extra precaution.